There are countless reasons to study abroad and recent research suggests that studying abroad is also beneficial for one’s brain, career, and life!

What is the benefit?

Study abroad creates global citizens who appreciate the world we inhabit and how our respect of others views informs our own views and the world we create. It requires flexibility and the ability to think on your feet. In today’s global market, students must do everything they can to make themselves more marketable. A study abroad experience can be incorporated as an international element to your cover letter/resume, enhance your communication skills, and is an opportunity to learn about and from various cultures. It stands out on your resume because it demonstrates that you have initiative, are open to ambiguity, and are willing to take risks and step into the unknown. Upon return, you will have gained self-confidence, knowledge, and independence.


Additionally, a study abroad experience is an opportunity for students to work towards the following university undergraduate learning goals. Among them include goals 2, 6, and 7:

  • 2. Develop the skills of analysis and evaluation of arguments and evidence to the extent that they can discern errors and biases, including their own.
  • 6. Appreciate the importance of family and faith, while developing a genuine empathy and respect for other people and the diversity of cultures.
  • 7. Act in a manner informed by ethical reasoning and civic and global responsibility.