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Meet with the Assistant Director

Every student who is interested in studying abroad receives individual advising and guidance before they go abroad. You can schedule a meeting online, by calling (203) 396-8028, or stopping by the Office of Global Affairs in HC 117 – 118. Meetings are typically 20 – 30 minutes long. During the meeting, you will have the chance to discuss your options in greater detail.

Academic Considerations

Sacred Heart University students in all majors and minors are eligible to apply for study abroad course and earn a degree credit. When you meet with your study abroad advisor, academic considerations will be discussed.


  • Cannot be on disciplinary or academic probation; some programs have specific G.P.A. requirements
  • Some programs require competency in a foreign language
  • Summer programs are generally open to students beginning the summer semester after their freshman year
  • Semester programs are generally open to students beginning the 2nd semester of their sophomore year. Our semester in Dingle is open to freshmen.

*Please check the individual program page for specific eligibility requirements, as they vary by program.

SHU Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

Most courses completed on a SHU study abroad program may fulfill general education, elective, or major/minor credits, enabling you, no matter your academic plan, to study abroad and graduate according to your schedule. SHU approved courses taken abroad will count towards your general graduation total. Courses will also factor into your cumulative Grate Point Average. You will be awarded letter grades for each course (courses are not available for Pass/Fail). You can take a maximum of 18 credits per semester unless you have received approval from the Registrar. Use the Course Equivalency Database below to determine which courses you should be taking abroad.

*You cannot take a course that you have already completed at Sacred Heart.

Non-SHU Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

You are responsible for working out the transfer of credits with the appropriate academic departments of SHU using a Transfer Request Permission form, available to you during the application process. Please obtain all of the signatures indicated on the form except for the Registrar’s signature. As a final step, bring the completed form to the OGA. We will then sign the form and take it to the Registrar. Grades obtained on a non-SHU Affiliated program will not factor into your SHU GPA. These grades might transfer with a C or better.

Visiting Students

If you are a visiting student, we encourage you to consult with you Academic and Study Abroad Advisor regarding you university’s transfer of credit policy.

Course Equivalency Database

The course equivalency database will assist you in determining which programs will best meet your academic needs.  It includes an extensive list of courses available at partner institutions, which courses are SHU approved, and which courses will fulfill SHU’s Foundational and Thematic Core requirements.

Click here to access the course equivalency database.

Click here for instructions on how to search and filter the database.

SHU Global Ambassadors

SHU Global Ambassadors are former study abroad students, who have volunteered their time to advise students and promote the study abroad office. These students are great sources of information what it is like to live and study in your host country as a SHU student. You will find the Global Ambassadors at study abroad events around campus, in your dormitories, and at student orientation events.

Student Blogs

SHU students love to share their experiences abroad, while living them! Check out the blogs written by some of our study abroad students – both past and present. Interested in writing a blog while abroad? Contact our office at