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Withdrawing from a Program

Students who decide to withdraw from a program must notify the Office of Global Affairs in writing immediately.

If you withdraw from the program prior to departure, there may still be financial implications. Additionally, failure to do this will result in a Withdrawal/Failure grade and responsibility for payment in full.

Withdrawal Process

Your request to withdraw from a study abroad program prior to the program start date must be made in writing to the Office of Global Affairs. In your letter/email, please include your reasons for withdrawing from the program, such as finances, time conflict, academic reasons, or illness.

Prior to program start date: The date on which the notice is received (or the next business day) will be the Date of Withdrawal. The notice must be in the form of a letter or email; a telephone conversation cannot be used to initiate a withdrawal. Please note that, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the withdrawal, the confirmation/study abroad fee is nonrefundable. Upon notification of your intent to withdraw from the program, your record will be updated.

After program start date: To withdraw from a program that has already begun you must submit a written request. It is your responsibility to withdraw from any course related to the study abroad program, as you would with your regular campus courses. After the program start date the university policies regarding tuition and fees for dropping a course will apply to your study abroad courses.

  • If you voluntarily withdraw from your in-progress study abroad program for any reason (other than following a SHU safety advisement), the cost of your return is solely your responsibility.
  • If you are dismissed from a program due to behavioral, student conduct, or legal reasons, the cost to return is your responsibility.
  • If you withdraw/are dismissed from your program, you will be no longer be enrolled at SHU for the term.
  • If you are evicted from your program housing, you will not be given a refund.

Important Considerations

  • The first day of the in-country orientation will be considered the Program Start Date.
  • The university policies regarding tuition and fees for dropping a course will apply to your study abroad courses.
  • The full program fee is non-refundable once you depart and begin your program. Students who indicate on their Financial Aid Authorization form that they will make program payments using financial aid and subsequently withdraw from the program are held accountable for all non-recoverable costs.

SHU reserves the right to drop you from a program if you fail to attend the general and/or site specific orientations.

Program Fee Reimbursement Policy

If you are concerned about program cancellation or you may not be able to participate in your program, we recommend you purchase travel insurance. Such policies range in price from approximately $100 to $500. Such policies should be read closely, as not all provide the same benefits or amounts of coverage.

Non-refundable fees:

  • Application fee
  • Confirmation/study abroad fees
  • Flight costs (contact your airline carrier or travel agent regarding their refund policy)
  • Registrar fees
  • Non recoverable program expenses (varies depending on program withdrawal date)

Refundable Fees*:

  • Recoverable program fees prior to start date
  • Tuition and lab fees are refundable based on the university tuition and refund policy

*Depending on your withdrawal date, some fees may be partially or fully recoverable

**All programs, excluding faculty led and SHU global campuses, may have additional withdrawal fees and policies you must adhere to. Refer to their website for more details.

Refund Policy

Refunds are based on the Office of Student Accounts refund schedule and determined by the date of notification to the OGA, not the date of last class attended. Students are required to request refunds. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

Refunds will not be given to students who have an outstanding balance.

University will not release grades, transcripts, education verification, diplomas or allow a student to register for subsequent terms with a delinquent balance.

The University reserves the right to request all delinquent payments be made in the form of a bank check, certified check or money order.