Billing Information

Your program’s term bill is issued through SHU Student Accounts.

Financial and billing information differs depending on which program you attend. Please be sure to review the specific program page, which lists a detailed budget sheet with all program fees. Billing and financial aid process is the same way as if you were on campus in Fairfield. Please note:

  • Most financial aid, academic scholarships, loans, and grants DO APPLY to semester programs abroad
  • All financial aid, academic scholarships, loans, and grants DO NOT apply to short terms program abroad 

Non-SHU Programs

If you go on a non-SHU program, then you will not receive your financial aid and SHU scholarships. In this case, you would be responsible for making payment arrangements with the host institution directly.

Tuition Remission

Tuition Exchange awards may not be used for study abroad programs. Questions related to tuition benefits may be directed to Julia Nofri at 203-365-4837.