The OGA is excited to help you plan your time abroad!

Academic Advising

Be sure to meet with your academic advisor early on to discuss your study abroad plans, especially if you are going abroad for a semester. Good discussion points for this advising session include:

  • When is the best semester to go abroad?
  • What courses in your degree can be taken abroad?

Some departments may have specific recommendations on when you should (or should not) study abroad depending on your majors, minors, and certificates (and combination thereof). It is always your responsibility to meet with your Academic Advisor(s) and review your major check sheet early on to ensure that you are staying on track towards graduation.

Faculty Liaison

Each academic department and program has assigned a faculty member to serve as the Study Abroad Liaison. The faculty liaison is in close contact with the Office of Global Affairs and is apprised of the current study abroad programs portfolio. The Liaison assists students in understanding how a study abroad program will fit into the specific major or minor and sometimes with students’ academic course selections for their time abroad. The faculty liaison also acts as an information bridge between the academic department and the Office of Global Affairs. The list of department liaisons is available here.