University of Notre Dame - Fremantle, Australia

Mackenzie Syron

Exercise Science

Hi, I am Mackenzie Syron and I studied abroad in Western Australia. I am a senior exercise science major pursuing physical therapy and I am from Massachusetts. I love everything about traveling and meeting new people!

Michaela Davies


Hi, my name is Michaela and I am a Senior this year. I am majoring in Biology on the Pre-Physician Assistant track with a Psychology and honors minor. I am on the club figure skating team, tutor biology, and work in the career development office. I traveled to Australia for the Spring 2018 semester and absolutely loved it. I was in Fremantle, WA and was lucky enough to travel to Sydney, Cairns, Ningaloo Reef, Esperance, Kalgoorlie, Margaret River, Singapore, Bali, and the South Island of New Zealand. My favorite memories abroad were skydiving, bungee jumping, swimming with whale sharks, holding a koala, playing with kangaroos, seeing elephants and monkeys in Bali, and hiking in New Zealand. My semester abroad was the best 4 and a half months of my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone slightly interested.

Gabby Branciforti


Everyone always says that studying abroad will give you new opportunities and adventures, but they don’t tell you that it will change your life! I had the chance to study abroad in Fremantle, Australia – which I soon learned was the perfect little beach town. Before traveling halfway across the country, I only knew of two other girls who were going to be attending, but I was extremely excited to meet new people and experience new things. I met so many incredible people who always had me laughing, traveled to countries I never thought possible like Thailand and Bali, and made memories that will last forever. I now consider Australia a home, because it has helped develop me into the woman I am: independent, strong, and ready to try new things. Studying abroad was the best decision I have made in college by far, and I cannot wait to go back and reconnect with my second home away from home.



Webster University - Vienna, Austria

Ingrid Rempe


Hi I'm Ingrid! I studied in Rome my sophomore spring semester. Once I got back to SHU and learned about all of the other opportunities global affairs has to offer, I signed up for my second semester abroad in Vienna, Austria. While in Vienna, my friends encouraged me to continue my time in Europe by interning through Global Experiences. I landed an internship in Spain for the summer, and now have a part time job with the company. Now, I'm back at SHU to answer any questions you may have about going abroad!



CIEE Paris

Danielle Paradis

Health Science

Hi I am Danielle Paradis and I studied abroad in Paris, France through the CIEE program. I am a junior at Sacred Heart University with a health science major and a global health concentration. I love traveling and trying new foods. I love meeting new people and going to any sort of adventure. I also love dogs and watching horror movies.



SHU in Dingle

Caitlin Beranger

Exercise Science

My name is Caitlin Beranger and I studied abroad in Dingle, Ireland during my sophomore fall semester. I am an exercise science major and I am from Needham, Massachusetts. At Sacred Heart I am part of the exercise science club, Love Your Melon Crew, and the club lacrosse team. I enjoy sports, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. My semester in Ireland was the most fun, eye-opening, and happiest four months of my life and I would love to be able to help others find a program that suits them. Studying abroad helped me to gain independence, a more open outlook on life, and many new friends.

Nicole Bruzik


Hi! My name is Nicole and I studied abroad in Dingle, Ireland for the spring semester of 2018. I am a junior here at Sacred Heart and I study Accounting and International Business. My favorite experiences thus far at Sacred Heart were studying abroad in Ireland, meeting my new best friends, and traveling to various exciting countries! I love meeting new people, traveling, and just exploring life. This is why studying abroad was the right choice for me and it gave me a whole new perspective on the world outside of our little community here at Sacred Heart.

Kayla McKenna


Hi! My name is Kayla McKenna, and I am a Junior Nursing student at SHU. I am a member of the Dance Team and have performed at numerous events at Sacred Heart. During my spring semester of my Sophomore year, I had to the opportunity to travel to Dingle, Ireland. When I first arrived, I had thought that maybe studying abroad wasn't for me and that I had made a mistake. The thought of me not succeeding academically while exploring new places had me very hesitant. However, I was taken by surprise at how my grades stayed strong and I learned that I could still study and focus on my grades while having fun. The culture and different surroundings motivated me to put more effort into my school work and encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone and try new things. I took a leap of faith and it was by far the best decision I have made throughout my time here at SHU. My goal is to let others know that studying abroad is a great experience and should definitely be considered!

Nicole Lubrano


My name is Nicole Lubrano. I am Nursing major here at Sacred Heart University. This is my Junior year. Some of my hobbies include spending time with my family, playing with my dog and watching movies. I also love to go out to travel to new places and explore. I enjoy (mild) hiking and camping. I would consider myself an introverted person as I tend to keep to myself and am a creature of habit. I spent my Spring 2018 semester in Dingle, Ireland. Studying abroad was truly an amazing, unforgettable experience. It gave me the opportunity to grow and become much more independent. I also made new lifelong friends and memories that I will never forget. Deciding to study abroad was the best decision I’ve made and I have no regrets of going. It opened my eyes to new opportunities to try new things and I loved every second of it.

Victoria Balarezo

Sports Media

I am Victoria Balarezo. I am a senior and Communications major. I studied abroad my sophomore spring semester in Dingle, Ireland. Being abroad helped become more independent and curious to continue traveling new and different countries of the world. I love to be adventurous and take advantage of new activities I never experienced like surfing!

Erika Van Wagner


I studied abroad in Ireland for the spring semester and it was truly a life changing experience. It was a huge step for me, and it showed me how independent and self reliant I actually was. I grew as a person, and it made me believe in myself. Studying in a different country for multiple months may sound scary, but it really opens up your eyes to what you are capable of achieving on your own. I come from a close knit family, so leaving for 4 months knowing I won’t be seeing them was truly difficult, but they were very supportive and couldn’t wait to see all I would accomplish while I was gone. Little did I know those 4 months would fly by and I’d be left wanting more. Studying abroad is a big decision to make, but in my eyes it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Eric Torrens

Media Arts

My name is Eric Torrens and I studied abroad in Dingle, Ireland, during the 2017 Spring Semester. I am a Communications and Media Arts major and I love photography and film. I am a show host for WHRT Radio/ SHU's Podcast network. I love basketball, comedy, and storytelling.

Amber Tischio

Health Science

My name is Amber Tischio. I am a senior at SHU. I studied abroad Spring Semester 2017 in Dingle, Ireland. Studying abroad has been one of the best decision I have made because it opened new doors and gave me a different perspective on certain things. I loved how I would be in class and I look outside and I see tall, beautiful mountains and sheep roaming around. You can't get that in CT.

Kylie Lui

Health Science

I'm a senior Health Science Pre PA major from Framingham, Massachusetts. I studied abroad in Dingle, Ireland the 2nd semester of my sophomore year and absolutely fell in love. In addition to being a GA, I'm the secretary of my sorority. I love to travel, watch the sunset and be anywhere there is food.

Sarah Cauley


My name is Sarah and I am a senior nursing student as Sacred Heart. I have a passion to help others and but also explore what the world has to offer and Sacred Heart allowed me to pursue both by studying abroad in Dingle Ireland for an entire semester as a nursing student. However, the opportunity to help others did not stop here and the next fall I participated in a mission trip to Antigua, Guatemala through the Sacred Heart Nursing department, giving medical attention to people who were in desperate need of it. I have also been to 7 other countries and believe that traveling is something everyone needs to experience to not only help one grow as an independent and responsible adult but also widen one’s perspective of not only a countries history or terrain but also its culture and people. I personally have reflected on my experiences abroad and it has allowed me to look at aspects of my own life in a different way which I had not before.


SHU in Dingle - Summer

Katie Quinn


My name is Katie Quinn and I am a Sophomore here at SHU. I am a Biology major with minors in both Chemistry and Honors. I studied in Dingle, Ireland for the late spring program in 2018 and absolutely loved it! Participating in this program was a life changing experience that opened my eyes to new cultures and breathtaking sights. I did not know anyone that would be attending, but I was so excited to experience life abroad and meet new people. Now I have created memories that will last a lifetime! When I got back to SHU, I learned about all the opportunities global affairs had to offer and now I will be completing a semester abroad in Seville, Spain. I will also be participating on a service trip to Guatemala during spring break of 2019. Studying abroad was the best decision that I have made, and I would recommend this experience to everyone! This experience allowed me to grow as a person, become more independent, and create new long-lasting friendships. I cannot wait to meet you all and help with your future study abroad experiences!

Abby Haberle


Hi! My name is Abby Haberle and I'm from Rhode Island. I studied abroad for the two-week summer program in Dingle, Ireland and absolutely loved it! I'm a senior Communications Studies major and have a minor in Marketing.

Nicola Paerg

Strategic Communications and Public Relations

I studied abroad in Dingle Ireland, taking a sports marketing course. I am a strategic communications and public relations major. I enjoy photography, art, listening to music, playing instruments , and traveling. I come from a small town in New Jersey called Lambertville. The community is extremely close knit much like SHU, and much like Dingle. While home I work as a lifeguard in the summer and spend most of my time with family/friends. At SHU, I participate in cross-fit, a Division 1 sports internship, and now the global ambassador program :). I plan to join the club tennis team as well. Participating in the study abroad program was a life changing experience that opened my eyes to a new style of living. I left Ireland as a more well rounded person and am grateful for that contribution to my life.

Tara Zanni


My name is Tara Zanni and I'm a Junior here at SHU. I'm a communication studies major and theater minor. This past Spring 2018, I studied abroad at SHU's campus in Dingle, Ireland. I loved it so much I tear up when I think about my experience there! I love to travel, listen to music and eat, and studying abroad was the perfect opportunity to do all three!

Kathryn Andes


I'm Kathryn and I studied abroad in Dingle during the pre-fall session before my freshman year. I love exploring new things and making new and unforgettable experiences. I wanted to start my college experience off right and do something different that not most people would do, so I applied to study abroad the week before I started college. This was a great opportunity for me because it gave me more confidence to start my first year, I made friends, and would start my classes already knowing some great professors. Dingle is a magical place and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Nikki Ziner


Hey everyone, I’m Nikki. I’m a junior from Danvers, Massachusetts, studying communications with a concentration in advertising and PR. Last summer I enrolled in the two week Dingle program, and it was hands down the best two weeks of my life. Some of my favorite things to do is to travel, go to the beach, and hang out with friends. I’m so excited to meet you all and help you with your Study Abroad experiences this upcoming year.

Julia Leonard


Hi I'm Julia! I am going to be a senior this year. My major is communications so when looking to study abroad, Dingle was a place that interested me. I am also a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. In May I went to Dingle, Ireland. It was the most amazing two weeks of my life. I have memories that will stay with me forever. I always like to be kept busy. In Ireland, I felt that I had time to do the things that I wanted to do. I like to go hiking and hang out with friends. I am a creative person so if there is something I can craft or make, I will. I love helping and being there for people especially if they need my help. Going to Ireland was the best decision I made.

Rianna McNamee


My name is Rianna McNamee and I participated in the SHU in Dingle study abroad program over this past summer. The experiences I went through within the duration of my time in Dingle can only be described as bucket-list fulfilling! I was originally a Psychology major, but decided to take a shot at biology and unsurprisingly loved it, causing me to change my major to Neuroscience with minors in Psychology, Chemistry, and Honors. I hope to one day pursue a career in some aspect of the medical field. To stay active, I am a member of Sacred Heart's Division 1 volleyball team. In my spare time I love reading, writing, and watching movies. My favorite place in the entire world is the beach, and nothing relaxes me more than curling up with a good book on the sand and losing myself to a good story and the rhythm of the waves.



Fashion Brand Marketing - Summer

Lorraine Gagliardi


I am a sophomore at Sacred Heart University. I'm a marketing major and a fashion minor. I studied abroad in Milan, Italy for two weeks in the summer of 2018. The program I took was called Fashion Brand Marketing. In this course, I learned so much about the fashion industry and all the dimensions it has to offer. I appreciated this experience because along with class time, we visited factories for a more hands on approach. Learning about the silk capital of the world in Lago di Como was truly enlightening. The intricate steps and details that go behind these international designs truly opened my eyes to the bold creations in the fashion world. Another trip we took as a class that really changed me was our visit to Lineapelle. This is where Italian's finest, genuine leathers are made. A woman showed us the different types of animals used, how its created, dyed, and crafted into fashionable pieces for luxury brands. Last but not least, we visited the Milano Fashion Library. This space was full of vintage fashion magazines and all past trends, updated to today. Overall my experience was incredible and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I made some great friendships and grew as an individual.


John Cabot University

Elisa DeSousa

Accounting and Finance

My name is Elisa DeSousa and I am currently a Junior at SHU. This past fall I studied abroad at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. My time spent at John Cabot gave me the opportunity to connect with Italian students and allowed me to learn how their schooling differed from ours in the USA. Even with Rome being amazing, I was very eager to travel and learn about different countries. Therefore, during my time abroad, I was able to spend most of my weekends traveling somewhere in Italy or to a different country. In total I was able to visit 8 different countries (Croatia, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, London, Barcelona, France) all of which were amazing experiences. Studying abroad is truly the adventure of a life time that allows you to learn, grow, create memories, and meet many great people.

Leela Gallucci

Media Arts and Theatre Arts

Hi! My name is Leela Gallucci, and I recently spent the fall semester at John Cabot University in Rome Italy! This experience was the best of my life. I love traveling more than anything, and one of my biggest life goals was to live in Italy. As a film major, I was able to take production classes in Rome, and I even made a short film, and got to make movies in Europe! What’s better than living your dreams and getting an education at the same time? I definitely recommend this experience. I was able to learn things about the world and myself that I never knew before, and I got to travel the world. That’s something that not many people get the chance to do.

Alexa Borkowski

Health Science

Hi! My name is Alexa Borkowski and I am from Bayonne, New Jersey. I am a junior majoring in health science, pre-OT. I spent my Fall 2018 semester in Rome, Italy and attended John Cabot University. I love to travel, explore new places and cultures, try new foods, hangout with my friends and family, and meet new people which I got to do when I went abroad! Living in a different country is truly an unforgettable experience and it gave me enough stories to last a lifetime! Studying abroad was definitely the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself.

Caroline Bunger


I am a junior accounting major from Glen Cove, New York. I studied during the fall 2018 semester in Rome, Italy at John Cabot University. I chose Rome as a place to study because I love the Italian culture and wanted to learn more about the people, the food, and wonderful history that would surround me every day. Studying abroad allowed me to explore new countries and cities almost every weekend. I lived within walking distance from all the major monuments in Rome, which aloud me to learn more about the city I was living in. I went paragliding, learned to cook authentic dishes with an Italian chef, and got to listen to the Pope speak. I enjoy working out, playing sports and going to the beach.

Ted Rosner

Global Studies

I’m Ted Rosner and I’m a senior with a global studies major. I have travelled abroad to Rome with weekend trips to Croatia, Germany, and Czech Republic, as well as a spring break trip to Cancun. I love traveling, making new friends, trying new things, and having a great time. I love learning about what going abroad does to you. Studying abroad is something I would suggest every student to do no matter what their major is. I have become a new man because of this experience. It teaches you how to gain confidence by living thousands of miles away from home, and also it brought new things to me as everything I did there was new.

Evan Velleca


My name is Evan Velleca and I studied abroad in Rome, Italy during the spring semester of 2018 and in Luxembourg during the summer of 2018. I am a finance and economics double major, entering into my senior year. I am from Stratford, Connecticut and have commuted to Sacred Heart since I transferred here in the beginning of my sophomore year. I attended my freshmen year of college at a small, liberal arts school called Emmanuel College located in Boston, Massachusetts, but transferred to Sacred Heart when I realized I wanted to attend a business school. A few of my favorite hobbies include playing tennis, reading, hiking, weightlifting, and writing. I highly recommend studying abroad as it will allow you to experience new cultures, meet people from all walks of life, see breathtaking sights, and eat amazing food!

Michelle DeLeon


Studying abroad for an entire semester in Rome, Italy was one of the highlights of my college career. I fell in love with the city and everything it had to offer. From the beautiful landmarks and monuments to the delicious food, there was always something new to explore or try. Being within walking distance from places such as the Vatican, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain was very cool. Aside from exploring Rome, I also got the chance to travel and experience other cities throughout Europe. I got to paraglide, go on bike tours, and try so many different kinds of foods. I will always cherish the memories I made while abroad.

Santiago Suarez

Business Management

I studied abroad in Rome my first semester. It was an incredible time where I grew as a person. I decided to carry on my legacy by going to SHU in Luxembourg.



SHU in Luxembourg

Michael Covino


Hi! I am Michael Covino. I am a junior on campus and I am from Hopkinton, MA. During the spring semester of my sophomore year I had the pleasure of studying abroad in Luxembourg. As a finance major, Luxembourg was a great place to get first hand experience with major firms and professionals that I strive to reach one day! To continue, I am a member of Pi Kappa Phi as well as mens club soccer, and have much interest in helping to grow all study abroad programs on campus. Some of my favorite hobbies include Formula 1 racing, being out on the ocean, and hanging out with my friends! Studying abroad is something I believe everyone should partake in, and I cant wait to hear about where your travels might take you. Thanks!

Emma Costello

Business Management

My name is Emma Costello. I am a junior from Long Island New York. I’m a Business Management Major with a Minor in Honors and Human Resources. On campus I'm currently on the D1 Rowing team in addition to the Best Buddies club , Marketing club, and the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity. Despite nerves of being away from home and being very involved on campus, from a young age I’ve always had a love for travel. So I decided to make one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. To put everything on hold in Connecticut to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad this past Spring Semester in Luxembourg! During the semester, I was able to travel to more than 10 countries. It was truly an experience of a life time. Throughout the semester we attended many business-oriented field trips and events where we were able to learn about ourselves as students and how to view the business world from a different point of view.

NaCyla Wiley

Business Management

I had the privilege to study abroad for a semester in two different locations once in Italy the other in Luxembourg. Deciding to travel overseas was one of the best decisions I have ever made and the fact that I went for a round two is a testament to that. As a result of having this opportunity, I have deepened my appreciation to not only to experience other cultures and environments other then my own through travel, but a desire to give back and help others along the way.

Michael Vanderspek

Economics and Finance

My name is Michael Vanderspek. I am a double major in economics and finance with a minor in business analytics. I am the president and founding father of Beta Theta Pi, a Senior RSA in Pioneer Gardens, and I have studied about for the semester in Luxembourg, completed an internship in Tianjin China at Tasly Pharma, a 2 week exposure program in India, and I returned back to Luxembourg for the 2 week program to be an RSA there.


SHU in Luxembourg - Summer

Steven Schilder

Finance and Economics

Hello! My name is Steven Schilder and I'm Finance and Economics double major from New Jersey. Since I was kid I've always enjoyed traveling and I love exploring new places, cultures and foods. Alongside studying abroad in Luxembourg I've also been to Peru, Iceland, Montenegro and a host of other countries. Aside from the Global Ambassador program I'm a Welch Mentor, Jack Welch Corporate Structure Scholar and a member of numerous other business clubs. Away from school Im an avid sports fan who enjoys following Formula One racing, The New York Yankees and Soccer.

Joe Nestola

Finance and Economics

Hi, my name is Joe Nestola and I am a senior from Long Island. This past May, I studied abroad in Luxembourg for two weeks and had an amazing time! The timing of this trip fit perfectly after finals and before internships/summer classes began for me. It was also a good enough length of a trip to get a good taste of being abroad without having to stay a few months. I indulged in some delicious food and witnessed countless scenic views throughout my trip. One of my favorite aspects from my study abroad experience was being able to explore a completely new place with a great group of people. I was once hesitant about studying abroad, and I waited until the summer before my senior year to finally do it! If you have ever considered studying abroad even for two weeks, it is worth every second of your time. Don’t miss out on the trip of your life!

Jackie Balacki


I had the once in a life time opportunity to study abroad with the summer 2 week program in Luxembourg. Throughout my experience, we made day trips to Belgium, Germany, and France. It was incredible to be able to visit all these different places within a 2 week time period. I love traveling and being able to see all these amazing places was such the experience. I made new connections, experienced different cultures and visited amazing landmarks. I took the Marketing in Europe course which helped expand my horizons in the business world. Through this class I was able to see European trends and differences. This experience changed my life and I will forever cherish the experiences I had. I look forward to the day I’ll be able to return to Europe.

United Kingdom


CIEE London

Caroline Popolizio


Hi! I’m Caroline Popolizio and I studied abroad in both Dingle and London. I did the pre-fall program in Dingle my freshman year. Then I spent the fall semester of my junior year in London, where I fell in love with the culture and atmosphere of it all! My favorite things to do are to go to concerts, shop, travel and explore. On campus I’m involved with Greek life and I also work for a custom apparel company, University Tees. My semester in London was a dream come true and I got to do so many incredible things; I travelled to 7 other countries with my best friends and I even did an internship in London!