How to Become a Global Ambassador

SHU Global Ambassadors are students who wish to share their experiences with potential study abroad students and promote study abroad programs on campus.

The main objectives of this program are for study abroad alumni to help increase awareness of study abroad at Sacred Heart University, and to share their knowledge, experience, and insight with future and potential study abroad students.

The program will feature a few different areas of involvement:

  • Participation in our annual Study Abroad Fairs (September & January)
  • Organized on-campus outreach, such as information sessions, pre-departure orientations, classroom and residence hall visits, and tabling in the Academic Building
  • Help with accepted students days and Admissions Open Houses
  • Social media outreach & video interviews
  • Mandatory participation in the annual Connecticut Re-Entry Conference (February)

Ambassadors are encouraged to participate in as many areas they wish to, but you must attend a minimum of 3 events each semester for each student that wishes to commit to this program.

What will YOU gain from this program?

  • The Global Ambassador program is an effective way to reconnect with your study abroad experiences while integrating yourself back into the Sacred Heart community.
  • You will meet new people who share your interests.  You will work with other students who have recently gone abroad, you will be able to talk about and compare your experiences, while passing on your expertise to future students.
  • You will have fun! The more involved everyone is, the more enjoyable it will be.
  • You will gain valuable experience in peer advising, public speaking, and event planning.

Training Sessions:

Global Ambassadors must attend ONE 45-minute training session before they officially begin. You will be contacted about the dates of these sessions before the start of the semester.

Applications are now open and will be due on Friday, July 28.